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    Attend International Events and Online Webinars

  • ThaiVedic Yoga Therapy Level 1

    Using the Ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, this course offers revolutionary, easy-to-apply approaches to supporting the structural, emotional, mental and spiritual body.


    For the first time in ThaiVedic Yoga Therapy history, this event will be held in Australia by advanced Naturopathic and Ayurveda Teachers Kimmana Nichols, and Wayne Celeban.


    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn with this powerful Ayurvedic and Yoga Therapy duo.


    Dec 8th-12th, 2021

    Sunshine Coast, QLD


  • Live, Interactive Webinar Courses

    Learn Essential Ayurvedic Nutrition with Kimmana Nichols.

  • ThaiVedic Accredited Training Courses

    Learn ThaiVedic Yoga, Bodywork and Ayurveda with world-class teachers and become an internationally accredited therapist.

  • Structural & Psychological
    Yoga Therapy

    In this 3-day practical event, Kimmana Nichols and Gwyn Williams teaches how to use traditional and modern-day lenses to examine the rehabilitation and prevention of commonly occurring issues in the musculo-skeletal system.

    Date TBA for 2022

    Sunshine Coast, QLD.


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