• International Health Consultant: Kimmana Nichols

    Supporting the world with Holistic Medicine and Vedic Astrology.

  • Great teachers are often born from challenging pasts.

    My Journey from Disease to Health

    From an early age, diseases have been plaguing my health. From arthritis to fibromyalgia, and lower-back pain to collapsed lungs, I was forced to try various healing modalities to help me heal. Yet most of what I did, only gave temporary relief.


    It wasn’t until I met an “alternative” German doctor who took the time to teach me about my unique body, the deeper causes of my diseases, and how I could become well again, that I began my recovery process.


    Since that early age, I was so inspired to share this knowledge with the world because it made such a difference to my life. I’m continually studying all forms of medicine, new and old, helping others rebalance their bodies and renew their health.


    Health and Healing Is My Path

    With a clear destination of health I left home and began my study of naturopathy. To my surprise during the first years of naturopathy my allergies and digestion became worse and I now had to deal with intermittent arthritis in my hands and persistent pain that radiated from my lower back and thighs. For years I studied naturopathy and worked with many different practitioners, continually looking for relief and a cure for my constant pain that haunted both my day to day happiness and life profession.

    Disease Grips My Life

    During my third year of study I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disorder that creates pain in the muscle fibres and excessive fatigue. The diagnosis only made matters worse as I then plummeted into research on this daunting condition that seemed as though it would jeopardise all of where I thought my life was going. I felt totally disheartened and split in two as I waged war with part of my own being.

    Listening to My Body

    Not long after my diagnosis I was truly blessed to meet the man that would shift my life and show me the true power of natural healing. After my first session with David I had instant relief from my pain and huge improvements in my digestion! Among the many things I learnt from him in the successive years of mentoring, the most important was how to listen and communicate with my body. He showed me that disease was not something to be battled with, and was our body’s attempt at communicating its imbalanced environment. With the right techniques we can tune into this communication and make our life choices based on what our body really needs.

    Complete Healing Came From Many Angles

    With the new inspiration and my life vision now within arm’s reach, I developed a passion for holistic systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine that knew the wisdom of listening to the body’s silent message. These traditional systems understand the complexity of life and how to discover each person’s unique path to health. It was through the combination of this traditional wisdom and many practitioners advice that I now have complete relief from the pain and exhaustion that once plagued my life. I now know that there is not one perfect path to health because there are infinite causes and treatments that when integrated together, have given me complete relief from my arthritis and pain.

    My Vision of a Self-Healing You

    I know every person is born with incredible self-healing powers far more potent than any remedy which could be given to them. I became a Naturopath because I am passionate about unlocking the self-healing potential of every person, and reawakening an age of self-empowered super healing humans! I know that education and self-awareness are the keys to heal not just ourselves, but also the planet, and this is why I am a Holistic Health Advisor.

  • “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

    ~ Socrates

  • My Family: My Inspiration.

    From birth I have been blessed with parents and grandparents that have been influential in the international scene of personal growth and healing. They have been a true inspiration for me and have continually nurtured my growth as a health professional.


    Despite their knowledge and guidance my childhood was repeatedly plagued with digestive problems and illness. By the time of finishing high school I had many allergies and felt as though with each year that passed, another allergy would arise.


    I was clear and focused on my life path of guiding people to health but knew that in order to be a successful health professional, I must first conquer my own illness. Only then could I become the inspiring leader that is worthy of listening to, because it’s only worth following someone to a destination if they have successfully been there before.

  • My Support for You

    Health and Success

    There is no doubt in my mind that my great success as a practitioner is largely due to my former illness and the experiential knowledge it has given me. If people are taught and committed to listening to their bodies, then health and happiness is assured because there is no one that knows you better than yourself. I now travel the world learning and integrating from the best health practitioners I can find. My skills are highly sought after and I have updated and revised the treatment plans of many health centres around the world.

    Here to help you!

    A lifetime of health and bodywork study has made me highly skilled at guiding people to health. I genuinely care about my client’s well-being and regularly put hours of unpaid work into designing each person’s multifaceted treatment plan. If you are looking for a therapist that is willing to persistently educate, empower and guide you on your most efficient path to health, then you have come to the right place!

  • Why Kimmana?

    The Kimmana Difference

    The reason I have so many believers that continue to get profound results is that I merge the brilliance of modern medicine and technology with the timeless wisdom of traditional systems. This marriage of cutting-edge science and time-tested wisdom delivers a truly holistic healing package with down to earth self-healing strategies that get serious results in creating health and vitality.

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    "In 3 months of working with Kimmana not only did my skin clear up 100% and my digestion improve dramatically, my energy also increased to a level higher than I had experienced since the age of 19."

    ~ Dallas Cyr, Life Coach, USA

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    "Anyone looking to improve their health, mind and spirit and is wanting to dive into their true selves will not only love Kimmana's session, but find it so easy they would have wished they had met Kimmana Years ago."

    ~ Victoria Von Groski, Pilates Teacher, England

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    "Kimmana provided me with valuable information about my diet and eating habits that I was able to apply with no issues. During the session he was fully present at all times. This made the session run really comfortably and smoothly. I was lucky to find a person with such understanding in his field."

    ~ Santiago Nogueras, Sports Dietitian, Australia

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    "I received huge improvement within 1 day of applying Kimmana's treatment advice. Every day my condition improved and I could hardly believe how much more effective Kimmana’s treatment was. I am over the moon and would recommend Kimmana if you have any ailments, he is amazing!"

    ~ Erika Devi, Theta Healing Practitioner, Bali

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    "Kimmana was able to give me practical solutions to the health problems I was dealing with, along with clarifying the mixed messages I'd been receiving over the years, in regards to my health. I have much appreciation for this!"

    ~ Emma Power, Tantra Teacher, Australia

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    "Kimmana has had a profound effect on my life and continues to do so. I would highly recommend him to anyone who crosses his path. Even if you think, 'I don't need to see a doctor,' just go have a chat with him, you'd be surprised what you get out of him."

    ~ Krystal Patience, Denmark

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    "I wish I had found Kimmana 10 years ago, and I would recommend him to anyone who feels they could benefit from some sound healthcare advice. Without a doubt this was the most wisely spent money of my life."

    ~ Becca MacMahon, England

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    "I often think of the kindness you showed me in one of my most trying times in my life and it brings me to tears. Thank you for giving me hope when I had none and kindness when I was unable to give it to myself. You are one of the most pure hearted people I’ve been fortunate enough to know and am eager for the day we cross paths again."

    ~ Celeste Esposito, Hawaii

  • Money Back Guarantee

    I am so confident in the wisdom that I have to offer that if at the end of our consultation; you feel that you have not received life changing information that can propel you on your individual path to health and healing, or feel that this information will not improve your life in value dramatically more than the cost of the consult, then I will happily refund all of your money back.


  • Primary Certifications and Specialties

    Naturopathy Diploma, Australia

    Remedial Therapies Diploma, Australia

    Ayurvedic Medicine and Detoxification, India

    Ayurvedic Psychology and Yoga Therapy, Australia and India

    Vedic Counselling and Medical Astrology, India


    Secondary Courses

    Advanced Iridology, Australia

    Anusara Yoga Intensive, Greece

    Ayurvedic Private Studies and Case History Research, India

    Balinese Jamu and Traditional Medicine, Bali

    Beginner Watsu Course, USA

    Body Harmony International Conferences, Worldwide

    Body, Breath and Movement Intensive, Bali

    Chakra Yoga Retreat, India

    Chi Nei Tsang (detox belly massage), Laos

    Dark Field Microscopy and Live Blood Analysis, Australia

    E.D.S and Bio-resonance Proficiency, Australia

    Enneagram Psychological and Spiritual System, Thailand

    Somalogy Bodywork Training, Thailand

    Somatic Consensus, Thailand

    Thai Yoga Massage, Thailand

    The Thai Massage Circus, Laos

    The Vedic Calendar, The Art and Practice of Divine Timing, Thailand

    Touch for Health Kinesiology, Australia

    Yoga Therapy Training, India

    Zen Thai Shiatsu, Australia and Bali

    Introduction to Functional Medicine, Online

    Pha-Khaw-Ma Massage, Thailand


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    David Bridgman

    David Bridgman runs and operates virtual medicine health centre on the Gold Coast in Australia. He is one of the first people to bring kinesiology into Australia more than 20 years ago and is still one of the most highly respected kinesiology instructors. An absolute master of vibrational medicine and continues to research and apply the most up to date and advanced vibrational technology in the world.

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    Randa Manning​

    Randa Manning holds her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and is a partner in Diamond Health Natural Therapies, a multi-modality Health Centre on the Gold Coast. Her other achievements include; Grad. Cert. Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine, Grad. Cert. Higher Education and Cert. IV Train The Trainer. Randa is a truly inspiring and passionate naturopathic teacher and continues to be one of the most significant clinical naturopaths I know.

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    Dr Vaidya Vilas Nanal​

    Dr Vaidya Vilas Nanal comes from 3 generations of Ayurvedic Medicine and has written many books on Ayurveda. His family has helped thousands of people across the world through a free Ayurvedic hospital that his grandfather started more than 60 years ago. He runs his busy practice in Pune (India) while also continuing the family legacy of free health care to the poor.

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    Rachel Zinman​

    Rachel Zinman has practised and taught yoga around the world for more than 20 years. She is the co-creator for multiple teacher training and the star and producer of a popular Australian yoga video series. She is sought after as a teacher that she has discontinued regular classes to focus on Yoga Teacher Training and retreats in Australia, Japan, India, Bali, New York and Europe.

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    Baba Hari Das​

    Baba Hari Das is one of the most remarkable men I have ever met! He has continued the vows of a Vishnave monk for more than 60 years, and his wealth of knowledge on yoga and Ayurveda is evident in the hundreds of books he has written on these subjects. While I was living and studying at his Ashram, he gave me the name Vidyānanda which from his translation means “one who dwells in divine knowledge”.

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    Gina Carruthers & Duncan Hogg

    My mother and stepfather are genuinely gifted body workers who have taught personal growth and hands-on healing all of my life. They continue to teach Body Harmony across the world and are the main organisers of the Body Harmony International Event which is one of the most profound gatherings of hands-on healers and bodyworkers on the planet.

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    Brendan Nichols​

    My father is an international speaker who has addressed tens of thousands of people in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, China and Asia. Hespecialises in personal growth, business marketing development and in teaching leadership skills. By uniting the strengths of the most successful and happy people on the planet, his seminars continue to remain on the cutting edge of experiential success.

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    Don McFarland

    is the founder of the International Body Harmony Guild. He is the most experienced body worker I have ever known and continuously learns and integrates new styles of bodywork into the ever-evolving system that is Body Harmony.

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    Gwyn Williams​

    Gwyn Williams is the creator and facilitator of the Mt Ninderrry Healing Centre on the Sunshine Coast. He founded his healing art school called Zenthai Shiatsu which is a fluid and intuitive combination of Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Gentle Osteopathic adjustments. These techniques were brought together with the focused intention to “heal and free the physical and energetic body”.

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    Arno L’ Hermitte​

    Arno L’ Hermitte is considered as one of the God’s of Thai massage. After studying physiotherapy and osteopathy, Arno discovered the worlds of yoga and Thai fully immersing himself in their masters in India and Thailand. Arno has taught yoga and Thai massage since 1997, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and around the world (USA, Japan, Australia, Greece and Germany). He continues to teach all over the world and runs the Dragonfly retreat centre in Bali.

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    John Friend​

    John Friend is the founder of Anusara yoga and is widely recognised as one of the most charismatic and highly respected hatha yoga teachers in the world. Blending a life-affirming Tantric yoga philosophy with Universal Principles of Alignment and a delightful sense of humour, John’s teaching style guides each student to live every moment fully from the heart.

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    Omanandji is the head of the faculty and primary professor for the doctorate programs at the Paramanand Institute for Yogic Studies and Research. He is a born yogi, speaks six languages fluently, a master of yoga therapy and has written the book: A Journey beyond diseases with Yoga Therapy.

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    Khu Ni

    Khu Ni is one of the worlds most respected teachers of Chi Nei Tsang and the most famous teacher in all of Thailand. She taught at the Tao Garden for more than 12 years and had been practising this traditional technique for more than 40 years.

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    Dr Neelesh Taware​

    Neelesh is a world-class teacher of Ayurveda and has been my main Ayurveda mentor since 2010. He continues to teach in both India (Pune) and Germany and is well worth studying with if you want to go deep into the traditional aspects of Ayurvedic practice. His expertise and devotional service to the Ayurveda enthusiasts of the world are truly commendable.

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    Sebastian Bruno​

    Sebastian is my dear friend and is the original inspiration to begin the ThaiVedic school which we founded together in 2012. In the world of Thai Buddhist Medicine and floor bodywork he is the most remarkable bodyworker I've known. He continues to apprentice with a "Jedi Master Thai Monk" in the north of Thailand every year for the past 12 years and his devotion to the healing arts is obvious as soon as you meet him.

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    Barbra Noh

    I first met Barbra when we were both honored guests at a yoga retreat in India. Her high level of body awareness and yoga asana expertise were immediately apparent to me. We instantly hit it off and decided to teach a retreat in Thailand together in 2012. Our combination was so perfect together that we've continued to teach together every year since. She eventually joined the ThaiVedic school and is responsible for the therapeutic alignment and asana teaching skills used in the curriculum. It is an honour to work beside someone of such a caliber and if you are interested in teaching yoga asana, she would be the highest recommendation on my list!