• Thank you for your interest in inviting me to teach and speak.


    My teaching schedule is usually booked out a year in advance. So better to get in contact as soon as you are thinking about it and see what schedule and tours I already have lined up.


    In everything that I do, I always strive for excellence and providing a life-changing experience for my students, clients and audience.


    The topics that I cover includes Ayurveda, nutrition, lifestyle, healing, detox, bodywork, anatomy, astrology, and yoga. Anything related to holistic health and sustainable living. Please see my YouTube channel and thaivedic.com to get a clearer picture of what I can share.


    For more information, please contact me using the form below.


    IMPORTANT: For teaching invitations, all flights, accommodation and airport transfers must be covered unless otherwise arranged. I often tour through Europe, America, Australia and Asia so if we line up the dates well, intercontinental flights could be covered on my behalf.