• In-person and Online Consultations

    with Kimmana's Holistic Medicine Team

  • The Kimmana Clinic Offers Three Different Specialists

    Choose your specialists

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    Internal Medicine Specialist

    Understand and recover form chronic disease by developing a personalised health protocol that may include lab testing, nutritional and herbal medicine, and mind-body practices.

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    Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

    Apply the most powerful medicine available, your own daily habits! Work with Kimmana's team to transform your life onto the path of health, success and prosperity.

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    Vedic Karma Consultations

    Understand the karma that guides your health and life. Choose readings focused on; your most purposeful actions now, health and disease, relationships, career or relocation.

  • Internal Medicine Specialist

    Both Kimmana Nichols and his trusted partner Dean Keune have been practicing holistic medicine for 20 years. Depending upon your budget and conditions to be treated, a consultation will likely include a combination of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Functional Medicine lab tests to diagnose your specific imbalances. The Internal Medicine Specialist will use Kimmana's System to create a "Complete Holistic Protocol" that often includes herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, dietary advice, and lifestyle practices like meditation, exercise
    and yoga therapy. Learn More

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    "In 3 months of working with Kimmana not only did my skin clear up 100% and my digestion improve dramatically, my energy also increased to a level higher than I had experienced since the age of 19."

    ~ Dallas Cyr, Life Coach, USA

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    "Anyone looking to improve their health, mind and spirit and is wanting to dive into their true selves will not only love Kimmana's session, but find it so easy they would have wished they had met Kimmana Years ago."

    ~ Victoria Von Groski, Pilates Teacher, England

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    "Kimmana provided me with valuable information about my diet and eating habits that I was able to apply with no issues. During the session he was fully present at all times. This made the session run really comfortably and smoothly. I was lucky to find a person with such understanding in his field."

    ~ Santiago Nogueras, Sports Dietitian, Australia

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    "I received huge improvement within 1 day of applying Kimmana's treatment advice. Every day my condition improved and I could hardly believe how much more effective Kimmana’s treatment was. I am over the moon and would recommend Kimmana if you have any ailments, he is amazing!"

    ~ Erika Devi, Theta Healing Practitioner, Bali

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    "Kimmana was able to give me practical solutions to the health problems I was dealing with, along with clarifying the mixed messages I'd been receiving over the years, in regards to my health. I have much appreciation for this!"

    ~ Emma Power, Tantra Teacher, Australia

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    "Kimmana has had a profound effect on my life and continues to do so. I would highly recommend him to anyone who crosses his path. Even if you think, 'I don't need to see a doctor,' just go have a chat with him, you'd be surprised what you get out of him."

    ~ Krystal Patience, Denmark

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    "I wish I had found Kimmana 10 years ago, and I would recommend him to anyone who feels they could benefit from some sound healthcare advice. Without a doubt this was the most wisely spent money of my life."

    ~ Becca MacMahon, England

  • Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

    Yeliz Basafacan and Rachel Niclair are experienced Ayurvedic lifestyle and yoga therapists in their own rite; and have also been studying with Kimmana for more than 5 years. Having a lifestyle coach to meet with every week builds mass-loads of will power and accelerates your health and healing goals. The Lifestyle Therapists can either be booked as a stand-alone session where they will assess your present lifestyle and then use Ayurvedic guidelines and Kimmana's "15 Most Important Lifestyle Habits" to create the right foundation for healing to occur; or they can be used after you have received your "Complete Holistic Protocol" from one of our Internal Medicine Specialists. This second option will be recommended after most sessions with our Internal Medicine Specialists, so that the Lifestyle Therapists can coach you through the prescribed application of the protocol and teach you the prescribed meditation and yoga therapy exercises. Learn More

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    "My sugar, junk food and alcohol cravings have gone."

    "When you decide to step out of your comfort zone and realise that your health is the base of all your purpose, you can count on Yeliz.

    Her voice , her knowledge, her passion and her authentic personality helped and motivated me to commit to this “rebirthing detox” (that’s how I felt) and now I feel that I want to have this healthy feeling forever.

    I would love to spread the love and let everyone know that if you ever feel down with your health , having someone like Yeliz to support you through this is the best way to start a new life, a life you deserve."

    ~ Javiera Merino: Architect Drafter and Free Diver

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    "Yeliz approaches her clients is with such dedication and attention."

    "I have had amazing amazing results! I wholeheartedly recommend Yeliz to anyone that is ready to take the journey into healing, or even just for a reset. You will be nurtured, educated and transformed."

    ~ Belinda Scarcella: Professional Belly Dance Performer and Teacher.

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    "If you ever get the opportunity to work with Yeliz, do yourself a favour and take it."

    Yeliz is compassionate, knowledgeable, approachable and intuitive. She provides on going support, tips, explanations, and radiant guidance that was adapted to suit my individual needs. Thank you so much Yeliz!"

    ~ Ashley Edwards: Wild Life Warrior and Belly Dance Performer

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    "Yeliz helped me gain more tools to embody within my life to feel great!"

    "Yeliz offered an incredible program filled with beautiful loving support. I had never done a cleanse before so it felt really nice to be guided and nourished."

    ~ Harriet Mitcham: Zenthai Shiatsu Massage Therapist

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    "I feel clear and healthy after my program with a strong desire to make better decisions for my health and well-being and I’m now equipped with tools to make it happen! So much Gratitude for Yeliz"

    ~ Keri Wingate: Outdoor Educator

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    "Yeliz is an incredibly gifted therapist, whose sense of compassion shines through her work.
    Going to Yeliz for a treatment goes far beyond a simple transaction of money in exchange for time, skill, and expertise. To be sure, all those elements are there, but Yeliz is so present while she works and so engaged with you and how you are feeling, that it becomes a quite amazing and beautiful shared experience.
    Each session I have shared with Yeliz has been unique and filled with a joyful sense of bliss. I cannot recommend (or commend) her highly enough."

    ~ Alex Easton: Senior Producer at ABC, QLD

  • Vedic Karma Consultations,

    Know Your Destiny and Shape Your Destiny

    Kimmana uses a specific style of Vedic teachings known as Jyotish or the Science of Light to understand the karma (actions) you have done in the past. These past actions have a strong influence on the challenges and blessings you will face over your life.
    Kimmana will create a multipage report that outlines your strengths and weaknesses and how you can best steer your life towards greater success and prosperity. Kimmana has been trained by dedicated Indian Doctors to use a 1500 year old codified system who's secrets are held in the highest esteem across India and the world.
    From your date, time and place of birth, Kimmana will highlight what actions you can do that are supported by the Universal Intelligence that guides all of Creation and your life. He will also highlight what pitfalls are likely to occur, why Creation is teaching you these lessons, and ways to minimise the lessons and hardships that may occur.
    Learn More

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    Kimmanas’ Jyotish reading was insightful, healing and motivational. After the reading I felt a clear direction, full of confidence which self-assured my vision. 

    In a time of uncertainty, I felt the reading had a positive impact on my purpose, to allow acceptance with the flow of life by letting go of expectations. 

    Going into the reading with openness and vulnerability, he held a comfortable and nurturing space to be inquisitive and encourage spiritual and emotional growth.

    ~ Keed Williams - Musician

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    I have had three astrology consultations with Kimmana because each of them have helped guide me along my path with greater wisdom and new perspectives. I have tried and tested directing my energy where the readings have suggested too, and found great benefit from it so far.


    These readings have helped me release a lot of resistance to my own fears, and as a result, have aided me in flowing with life’s challenges and rewards, seeing all unfoldings as great lessons and opportunity for growth.

    My relationships have vastly improved, as I understand we are all influenced by the planets and each individuals journey should be respected.


    Before my first reading I felt incredibly lost and out of balance on my journey, whereas now I feel hopeful and inspired to work with the magic that life offers.


    ~Ashley McLelan - Dancer


  • Treatment Options with Internal Medicine Specialists Kimmana Nichols and Dean Keune

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    One Session Wonder

    Your primary concerns and imbalances guide the specialist to list as many treatment options as possible and place them in priority order for you. You can ask questions live, receive a pdf copy of your protocol, and also receive a recorded video of the session.

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    Complete Holistic Protocol

    1) Full Ayurvedic Assessment

    2) Discuss Results from Functional Medicine Lab Results and explain your "Complete Holistic Protocol".

    3) Follow Up One Month After Beginning Protocol.

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    Complete Functional Testing Trinity

    For those who know their health is their top priority then investing in these three tests is the most complete assessment of what is influencing your body-mind. From these tests our Internal Medicine Specialist will decide for you how many sessions you need and create a "Complete Holistic Protocol".

  • For all Chronic Conditions, Please Book Complete Holistic Protocol

    For all Conditions that Have Been Mysterious and So Far Untreatable, Please Book Complete Functional Testing Trinity.

  • What to Expect if You Book a "Complete Holistic Protocol" with Kimmana or his Internal Medicine Specialists

    Ayurvedic Assessment and General Foundations for Healing

    Before the consultation you will be sent an intake form that will assess various factors used in the Ayurvedic Medicine system. These factors form the foundation that will either support health or disease and are an all important first step in a successful chronic disease program. Some of these factors are:

    • Agni: metabolic force and type.
    • Ama: toxicity and the disease forming bi-products of poor metabolism.
    • Dosha: disease tendency that you are most prone to.
    • Triguna: Mental type and impetus to action.

    From these assessments you will be recommended specific lifestyle, dietary, potent substances and/or mind-body practices. These practices are needed to bring your general body-mind system back into a state that can allow healing to begin.


    At end of this session the practitioner will likely prescribe a minimum of 1 Functional Medicine Lab test to so that in the next session we can move from these more general and foundational approaches to chronic disease to more specific and focused diagnosis and treatment. While the labs are being processed you will have plenty of time to implement these foundational Ayurvedic practices into your life and make them habits before moving onto the specific programs.

    Functional Medicine Lab Results and Building on the Foundation

    These tests unlock the specific details and causes behind almost all chronic diseases. Whether it is genetic changes in your metabolic pathways, a strange pathogen you've been carrying around for years, or toxicity and hormonal imbalances; Functional Medicine Testing is designed to find causes of disfunction in the body.

  • Health Consultation Outline

    • Through this session, you can get an accurate assessment of your situation.
    • I will provide you with a thorough treatment plan to reach your goals.
    • I will ask and assess every aspect of your life, (including diet, lifestyle, family situation, work, relationship, and the environment you live in) so we can discover the root causes of your imbalance and uproot disease.
    • Together we will create an individualized holistic treatment plan that supports your healing journey.


    Your treatment plan may include lifestyle, dietary, potent substances (herbs) and possibly referrals to local treatments that would be best for you.

    I regularly work with international clients, so I can often provide local contacts for herbs and medical tests if needed.


    My Philosophy

    • My treatment plans are not aimed for quick fixes and instant results.
    • Once we track the root cause of imbalances in your body, it is essential to commit to long-term lifestyle changes to get the most effective and permanent health results.
    • Health is not a one-way street. By committing to my consultations, you are committing to taking self-responsibility for carrying out the treatment plans to create lasting change; no one in the world can change our lives but us.​


    I’m happy to be your guide, enabling you to change your life and achieve those health and wellness goals you’ve been dreaming of.



    The normal price for a Health Consultation is $220 AUD.

    However, I wish to clarify that I never want financial situations to impact your access to healing support, so please be transparent with your needs and I will happily accept whatever you can comfortably afford.



    Each Health Consultation (both online and in person) runs for approximately 90 minutes.


  • Jyotish Astrology Consultation Outline

    Through these sessions, you can get an accurate assessment of your karmic potential.

    The focus areas are:

    • Medical and Health
    • Relocation advice
    • Special event best starting times


    My Philosophy

    • I believe that Jyotish Astrology is the scientific tool given to us to highlight our lessons and clarify where we should place our actions and accelerate our evolution.
    • As our past actions have created our karma, we can choose to change our destiny through the actions we take in the now.
    • Our destiny is malleable if we:
    • Realise the connected "oneness" nature of life
    • Perform actions which demonstrate our realisation of "oneness"
    • Use Jyotish to understand which specific domains of life we should focus on in this incarnation or stage of our lives.



    Jyotish Astrology consultations are $300 AUD for the full reading paid 7 days before your consultation.

    Alternatively if this fee is out of your price range, I accept donations of whatever you could comfortably afford before or after the consultation. The modifications in the consultation is that I would be reading directly in the moment of what I observe. This consultation would be more specific for the 'now' and action directions of where to focus your life. This consultation would not include 3 hours research or a written report of your Astrological influences.



    The Jyotish Astrology consultation time is 60 minutes. You will also receive a written report involving 3 hours of preparation research into your chart and the 60 minute recorded consultation.