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The Chinese Healing Art of High Mountain Oolong, the King of All Tea

Sometime early this century, carbonated sodas started sharing refrigerator shelves with bottled teas. People noticed that teas actually come in 100s of varieties and not only have great health benefits, but taste good too. Unlike colas and sodas, teas are part of a respected ancient culture and tradition that has proven to lengthen life and decrease the ageing process.

Of all cultures in the world, it is the Chinese that have refined the art of tea drinking to a healing experience that encompasses all the senses and encourages the healing process.

The Chinese have long known the beneficial and medicinal qualities of teas and have perfected it to a meditation practice known as the tao of tea. The tao of tea unite you in a circle with your friends and greater environment creating more unification in life while drinking medicinal substances. 

If you love drinking ice cold, bottled tea beverages straight from the cooler, that’s OK, and is possibly good for your health. However, real teas are far greater and healthier than that. Like your favourite things, there’s always something which is the best of its kind. When it comes to teas, High Mountain Oolong Tea is hailed as the best.

Green tea may be the most popular but High Mountain Oolong Tea is the most regarded tea in the world, at least by real tea drinkers. Up to our present time, its classical preparation has changed only a little or may not have changed at all. Its preparation and the act of drinking it are considered as art. One important part of the preparation is the pouring of hot water onto the dried leaves in a ceramic basin then drained quickly. This method purifies the leaves from contaminants and residues to save its natural aroma and flavour.

Chinese, especially in the ancient times, believe that High Mountain Oolong Tea is produced when the elements of herbage, air, earth, water, and fire are correctly combined. When brewing is done properly, it’s said that the tea enhances awareness, boosts strength, and purifies our bodily fluids. As ancient Chinese say, “Drinking tea enlightens a person.” Hermits and monks are believed to prefer drinking tea when gathered together and exchanging thoughts. Nowadays, lots of people are starting to prefer having discussions while drinking tea instead of coffee.

People who experienced drinking this high grade tea can describe not only its taste but the whole experience. Like that of drinking an excellent red wine, drinking High Mountain Oolong Tea is an experience that can be well remembered from the very moment it touches the tongue. The tone and taste are slowly delivered to the palate, and the nose. The taste and aroma blooms like a flower and expands up to the throat and sinuses. They say that when you taste a real High Mountain Oolong Tea, your taste buds won’t be able to appreciate other teas and coffee any more.

As convincing as its taste, is its big health benefits. Almost everyone knows that drinking tea helps prevent cancer because of its anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties. High Mountain Oolong Tea also acts as a stimulant, but unlike black tea and coffee, it has no known side-effects. It contains less than 1% caffeine and other mild stimulating compounds, thus, the very mild but long-lasting alertness effects to our body. It also serves as a mouth deodorant by normalizing acidity and naturally removes cholesterol from blood vessel walls, therefore, helping prevent several heart diseases.

Individual Adjustments: Best for decreasing Kapha and Pitta because of its drying, detoxifying and stimulating properties. Should be used with awareness by Vata individuals and ideally they would use blends which contain ginseng like this one. Those with insomnia and nervous system disorders should consult their Doctor or Holistic Health Consultant before using oolong as a daily habit.

When you start drinking High Mountain Oolong Tea, you’ll develop a new and healthier way of living. Chances are, you’ll also start collecting tea ceramics and appreciate more the natural side of life.