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Healing With Whole Foods - Book Review

by Paul Pitchford

In my opinion Healing With Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford is the most thorough and profound contribution on traditional healing with foods produced in the modern age. The author has spent years gathering information from experts and synthesised a meeting between authentic Asian traditions of healing and modern nutritional research.

The book has been through many reprints allowing perfection of the information over time. The only downfall for some of my students or those with an interest in Ayurveda is the dominant use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles for the analysis of foods.

Although TCM a great system of medicine which I commonly use myself, it can be confusing for some of my students who may be put off by the differences between these two traditional medicine systems while they are still learning.

Covering all major topics of dieting and whole food healing from current guidelines on nutritional basics, clear discussion of the Chinese healing arts applied to physical and emotional conditions, thorough listing of different foods and their medicinal uses, over 300 vegetarian recipes, and many dietary plans for balancing conditions such as obesity, candida, cancer, female health and digestive problems.

healing with whole foods asian traditions and modern nutrition book by paul pitchford book review by kimmana nichols

Read what other health experts say about Healing With Whole Foods:

“I am grateful to Paul Pitchford for updating the classic Healing with WholeFoods. If I could choose one book to recommend to students of the healing arts, this would be the one. Even more important than the wealth of botanical information is Pitchford’s alignment with spiritual purpose-to inspire peaceful, balanced diet and life patterns as a viable antidote to stress and dissipation.” ~ Edward Bauman, Ph.D., Director, Partners in Health, Cotati, California​

“Paul Pitchford reminds us that all nutrients are available in unadulterated whole foods. It couldn’t be any simpler; the basis of life is a whole foods diet.” ~ Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of Natural Prescriptions for Common Ailments.​

If you are looking for the absolute bible of whole food healing, then Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford is the “must have” for you. It is rare to find a book that comes close to covering as much ground as this, and even rarer to have maintained quality healing advice through all of these categories.

After years of owning it, I still use it as one of my first go to references when assessing the nutritional and characteristic values of foods.


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