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The Best Herbal Medicine Book Ever - Book Review

by Sebastian Pole

This brilliant work by Sebastian Pole is a testament amongst the greatest herbal medicine books of all time.

Extensive research and references to many of the great classics of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicine stands on the forefront as the best modern Ayurvedic herbal reference for practitioners and students alike.

British practitioner of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, Sebastian Pole is a pioneer in the cultivation of organic Ayurvedic herbs in the US and Europe. His extensive hands on experience with herbs across the world and time spent absorbing the wisdom of Ayurveda in India have lead to the creation of this epic herbal medicine classic.

ayurvedic medicine the principles of traditional practice book by sebastian pole book review by kimmana nichols

The first part of Ayurvedic Medicine is a nicely visual introduction to the scientific basis of Ayurveda.

While the second part of the book provides a deep and broad understanding of the theory underlying Ayurvedic pharmacology and therapeutics practical medical reference of over 80 Ayurvedic plant remedies. Each carefully denoted by its common Indian name, Sanskrit and Latin name, description, colour photographs of the herb in both its prepared and fresh forms, Ayurvedic energetics, phytoconstitutents, Ayurvedic and biomedical actions, indications, contraindications, safety issues, possible formulation ideas and dosage.

“…Mr. Sebastian Pole has illuminated ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with his clear explanations of the basic principles of rasa, virya and vipaka and their actions on the doshas and dhatus. Paired with his deep concern for sustainable practices, this book is an excellent guide for practical application of herbs in our daily healing.”~ Dr. Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc. Albaquerque, New Mexico

Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole is the best book I’ve seen for any practitioner or lay person interested in Traditional Ayurvedic Herbalism. The clearly presented, summarised and referenced material will continue to be a desk reference essential of mine for years to come.

Wishing you health & prosperity,